Welcome to Papua New Guinea!
We are a group of village communities across PNG, who have teamed up to offer our visitors an unforgettable experience, discovering the multi-faceted country under an eco-village theme.

The eco-villages we present here are scattered throughout the country. The common goal of each community is to provide travelers a chance to discover a new part of the country, her unique fauna, flora and diverse cultures, living with and among the people, and experiencing the local lifestyle, in an eco-friendly manner.

We have built a few accommodation units, in the same style as those typical for the specific village; simple, but comfortable enough. We provide you food that are typical and locally grown. You will have the chance to meet the people during their daily chores; watch, participate and learn their way of life. Experience the life in our villages, first-hand.

This eco-village concept allows travelers to avoid tourist hotels and tourist infrastructure, that have a heavy footprint on these remote Islands, instead travel light and responsibly with the least ecological impact. While the travelers get a first-hand experience with local people, the travelers also contribute directly to the economy of the village. Eco-village concept is based on participation of the whole community and benefits being shared by all.

Our network of eco-villages are growing, and we want to cover the whole country, so that travelers can move through the country, off the beaten track, staying in different eco-villages, thus avoiding commercialized tourism infrastructure.


We are a non-profit organization based in New Zealand, who are helping our pacific partner organizations with our technical and entrepreneurial know-how to develop sustainable and eco-friendly projects to uplift communities.


Each eco-village listed here is responsible for their day-to-day operations and to handle bookings and enquiries directly with their guests. Here in New Zealand, we are aware of the communication problems that exist in PNG with very limited resources. Hence, we are happy to query, contact and connect with partner organizations, if your communications have not been successful. Please use the e-communication platforms below to get in touch with us, here in New Zealand.